You might want to read this.

Kate is a very nice editor that allows you to load several text files at once and keep these files loaded in a "session" so that each time you open Kate all of your normal documents are already loaded.

For example, as a normal user I can keep all of my scripts and my one "notes" file loaded for quick editing.

You can also run kdesu kate to load Kate as "root" so you can (painlessly) load up the most important system files.

Search for kate on your start menu, copy it to your deskotp and then make a copy of the that shortcut.

Rename the first one to Kate (User) and the rename the copy to Kate (Root).  Modify the properties of Kate (Root) and change the command from kate to kdesu kate.  When you run the root version, it will ask you for a password each time.

Here are some of the files I load up in my root Kate: