Do not attempt to run Beryl until after you have installed the NVIDIA Linux Drivers.

For Beryl to work, you must also run all of the commands shown in the Extreme Functionality section of the NVIDIA Linux Drivers page.

You can have Beryl and Compiz Fusion both installed at the same time, but you can only run one at a time (Beryl or Compiz Fusion), and you should only install the Emerald Window Decorator for one or the other, not both.  I have installed Emerald for Compiz, so I cannot use Emerald with Beryl.  For Beryl I normally use the Aquamarine Window Decorator.

Before you start, please understand that the Beryl project is dead, Compiz Fusion is the new project.  Again, you can still run both Beryl and Compiz Fusion without problems, as long as you don't try to install Emerald for both.


Installation is based on your custom YaST Software Repositories.

Make sure you have the X11:XGL software repository in YaST:

If you do not, manually add it in YaST or at a terminal:

zypper sa "x11:xgl factory"

After adding the YaST Software Repositories you will be able to download, use and install Beryl 0.2.0 or 0.2.0-svn (snapshot).

Open YaST Software Manager and search for "beryl" (no quotes).  Make sure to check "Description" and "RPM Provides" when searching.

WARNING:  Do NOT check ANY of the Emerald packages if you plan to use Emeral with Compiz Fusion.  In this exact case, use Aquamarine instead for Beryl.

If you want Beryl 0.2.0 (stable), only check the items that DO NOT have "-snapshot" in their names.

WARNING:  The SVN release does not work for most people, proceed with caution...

If you want Beryl SVN (unstable), only check the items that DO have "-snapshot" in their names.

First Run

At a terminal, or with shortcuts/links, do:

beryl --screen 0 && beryl-manager && aquamarine --replace &

Subsequent Runs

I created shortcuts/links for these commands to start Beryl:

Beryl Start:
beryl --screen 0 &

Beryl Tray Icon:
beryl-manager &

Beryl Settings Manager
beryl-settings &

Aquamarine Window Decorator
aquamarine --replace &

Beryl Testing & Settings

Once Beryl is running, hold in Ctrl+Alt and left click the mouse and drag it a little.  If you see your desktop start to move or take the shape of a cube, Beryl is working!!!

If it locks up on you, it probably means that you attempted to use the SVN package and it's not working for you either.

To see all of the visual effects, you will need to set Beryl as your desktop manager and Aquamarine as your window decorator.

Select Beryl Settings Manager to adjust all of the Beryl settings.  There are litterally TONS of settings here.  Take your time and experiment.

To set a backdrop like clouds behind the cube while you spin it...  at the top click "Desktop" and on the left click "Desktop Cube", then click on the "Skydome" tab.  Check the "Skydome" and "Animate Skydome" options, then browse to the image you want to use.

I am using Clouds.jpg currently, you can browse more here.

The "Caps" tab allows you to change the images on the top and bottom of the cube.

Check both "transparency" options on the "Transparency" tab to make the cube transparent.  I have mine set to 50% when rotating and 100% when not rotating.

On the "Visual Effects" page (button at top), check the "3D Effects" option in the left panel.  All windows will now "pop out" off of the surface of the desktop whenever you rotate your cube.  The more windows you have, the farther they pop out.

Spend time reading the shortcuts mentioned on all of the "Shortcuts" tab...  these will show you all of the correct keyboard/mouse shortcuts for the different plugins.

My Config File

I do not recommend actually trying my config unless you have a backup of your config somewhere and know what you are doing.

This is provided purely for information...


Which is actually this file on my system: