Virtual Network Computing (VNC)

You can use the vncviewer command to access any computer (Windows or Linux) that is serving VNC (RealVNC, TightVNC, Ultr@VNC, etc.).

All VNC packages must be installed in your software manager.


This would ask for an IP address, and eventually, a password.


This would connect to the specified computer:port, but would still ask for a password.

vncviewer -passwd /home/sgt-d/.vnc/wtf

This would automatically connect to the specified computer:port and provde the required password.

Minor problem...  you have to manually create the password file first.

Example:  vncpasswd /home/sgt-d/.vnc/wtf

Then type your password twice and hit N when asked to create a view only password.

Once you get everything working you can make a shortcut with this command:

vncviewer -passwd /home/sgt-d/.vnc/wtf