Firefox WMV/QT Plugins

Install MPlayer if you haven't already.

After MPlayer is working, you may notice that some sites that use Windows Media Video (WMV) and QuickTime (QT) movies (and other formats) do not play at all in Mozilla Firefox...  some examples of this are and

The default plugin, Totem, just doesn't do the trick.

To fix this you will need MPlayer Plugin for Mozilla Firefox, and the build process will first require the Mozilla-Devel package (which most likely is not in your software package manager).

You will also need to move the Totem plugins out of the way so Firefox can't attempt to load them.

Here we go...

Make sure that all (or most) packages for MPlayer are installed.  These packages are normally available in you software manager.  openSUSE 10.3 Alpha 5 includes MPlayer 1.0rc1-4.1.3 in the software manager - make sure it is installed.

Also make sure that moz-nspr-devel and moz-nspr-tools are installed.

Download the mozilla-devel package for your system (32-bit or 64-bit) and the mplayerplug-in package below.

Local Downloads:

mozilla-devel-1.8_seamonkey_1.0.9-2.3.i586.rpm (32-bit)

mozilla-devel-1.8_seamonkey_1.0.9-2.3.x86_64.rpm (64-bit)


Remote Downloads:

mozilla-devel-1.8_seamonkey_1.0.9-2.3.i586.rpm (32-bit)

mozilla-devel-1.8_seamonkey_1.0.9-2.3.x86_64.rpm (64-bit)


Install the mozilla-devel RPM.

After the RPM is installed, extract mplayerplug-in-3.40.tar.gz.

Build and install the MPlayer Plugin for Mozilla Firefox

Open a terminal in the new mplayerplug-in folder and type these commands...  this looks more complicated than it really is.  Only type the command shown in white...  the lines beginning with # are comments just so you know what's going on, do not type them!

#root up!

#build and install for root
./configure && make && sudo make install

#back to normal user

#"make install" as a normal user will install the plugins to your
#mozilla folder, eg:  /home/sgt-d/.mozilla/plugins/
md ~/.mozilla/plugins
make install

You might get an error at this point...  don't worry about it, continue...

#root up again!

#copy your plugins to a location for all users to use them
#my home folder is /home/sgt-d/, yours will be different
#notice the dot (.) before .mozilla, it's a hidden folder
cp /home/sgt-d/.mozilla/plugins/* /usr/lib/browser-plugins/

#change to the "all users" browser plugins folder
cd /usr/lib/browser-plugins

#make a new directory where we can move the default totem plugins to
mkdir totem

#move all of the totem plugins out of the way for firefox won't try to use them
mv libtotem* totem

#close the terminal

Close Mozilla Firefox if it is running.

Open Mozilla Firefox.

You should now be able to watch Windows Media and QuickTime movies in Mozilla Firefox!

Let's make sure...

In the address bar (Firefox) type about:plugins and hit the enter key.

You should see tons of information about the mplayerplug-in and no information about Totem plugins.

If so, you're done!

Try loading some of these pages to make sure everything works:

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More...  No End In Sight / Sunshine / War / Bourne Ultimatum / Live Free Or Die Hard