Shockwave Flash

Woah hawsey!!!


Try this before doing ANYTHING else (in a terminal):

nspluginwrapper -a -i

Then restart Mozilla Firefotx.

If BOTH of these sites WORK for you then DO NOT do anything else on this page!!!


Again, if BOTH links work then STOP HERE.

Otherwise, some of the rest of this page may help, but I do NOT recommend it because ALL other plugins will cease to work correctly!!!


WARNING:  The remaining steps on this page may help you to get Flash working 100% in Mozilla Firefox...  BUT BE WARNED:  These steps will definitely BREAK all of your other plugins.

ERROR: Your architecture, \'x86_64\', is not supported by the Adobe Flash Player installer.

If you absolutely do not need Shockwave Flash, or if you don't care, please ignore the rest of this page.

Uninstall Mozilla Firefox 64-Bit

Q:  Wait.  WTF.  Will I lose any functionality or performance if I do this?

A:  Fuck if I know.  It seems the exact same to me.

If you absolutely must have Shockwave Flash support, you will need to do the following:

In YaST Software Manager, uninstall Mozilla Firefox.  You will not lose any settings or extensions.

Install Mozilla Firefox 32-Bit

After it is uninstalled, go back in to YaST Software Manager and search for firefox again.

When you find it, check it, but then click on the "Versions" tab.  From this list shown at the bottom, check a 32-bit version (i586), then click the "Accept" button.

This will install the 32-bit version and will allow Flash to work.

Download & Install Shockwave Flash

Close Firefox before installing!

I used the tar.gz file, extracted it, then ran the shell script:


sh flashplayer-installer

This RPM might work fine, dunno:


rpm -ivh flash-plugin-


Open Mozilla Firefox.

In the address bar type:  about:plugins

You should see "Shockwave Flash" listed.

If you do, you should be all set.

See if this page works:  South Park Create-A-Character

All good?

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