Fusion-Icon (Custom)

fusion-icon 0.0.1-20070829

fusion-icon.png  compiz-fusion.png  compiz-core.png  compiz-settings.png  compiz-decorator.png

Updated system tray icons by sgt-d for Fusion-Icon, based on Graphreak's winning Compiz Fusion Logo.




original authors:  crdlb, nesl247

modifications:  sod/sgt-d - sgt-d@sodpit.com

thanks:  cyberorg, for suggesting i tackle this

i got tired of waiting for the new black & red fusion icon for the system tray, so i made my own tray icons (based on graphreak's compiz logo).  and i didn't stop with just the black & red "fusion" icon...  i made tray icons for core, settings and decorator as well.  :)

don't expect much, i suck.  this is my first attempt (ever) at creating icons in linux.  i made these by cropping pieces of graphreak's "winning" compiz fusion logo image ("compiz fusion logos.png" in the "sgt" folder) and then hacking the shit out of them in gimp.  the end result is "ok" i guess.  better than waiting.


extract this archive to a directory under your complete control, eg: home.

the shell scripts in the main folder...

note, you have to type ./ before the commands, as shown below.
./icon-set-xxx - copies the specified icon set into the "images" folder

./icon-set-compiz-core = black with blue arrow
./icon-set-compiz-decorator = black with yellow window frame
./icon-set-compiz-fusion = black with red swirl (default for theme-sgt)
./icon-set-compiz-settings = black with green checkmark
./icon-set-fusion-icon = original fusion-icon (default for theme-org)

./screens-org - uses the original libfusionicon.py (multiple screens)

./screens-sgt - uses a custom libfusionicon.py to force compiz to use "--only-current-screen"

./theme-org - uses the original icon theme and the original libfusionicon.py

./theme-sgt - my custom libfusionicon.py (one screen only) and the black & red fusion icon

./go - this runs "sudo make install" to update the .py file and your icons in the system


icons will update as soon as you run ./go

use ./go instead of "make install" please.  if you su in a terminal and then forget to exit, you could end up with files and folders owned by root instead of your user.

all screens / one screen only will not take affect until you restart fusion-icon

keep the terminal open and you only have to type the root pw once ;)