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This page was heavily updated on August 25, 2007.

On August 13, 2007, the Compiz Fusion Team announced the first official (public) release of Compiz Fusion 0.5.2.

Compiz Fusion 0.5.2 Released - Official Announcement

Since then, Compiz Fusion 0.5.4 has been released and is the current release version.

Compiz Fusion is a package that transforms your Linux desktop into an accellerated 3D environment with hundreds and hundreds of special effects.  To see some of the possible effects, please visit the Screenshots & Videos section below.

This package requires a video card that is 3D capable with Linux drivers (such as NVIDIA or ATI) and/or the ability to run Linux in "NVIDIA+GLX", "XGL" or "AIXGL" mode.  I am running an NVIDIA 7800 GT in "NVIDIA+GLX" mode and I know at least one person running an NVIDIA 6800 GT and Compiz Fusion works fine for us.

Compiz Fusion is the re-merging of Compiz and Beryl.  Compiz and Beryl were once one project, they forked (for about a year) into two separate projects, and recently they have re-merged with the new "Compiz Fusion" name.

This page will help you get the current version of Compiz Fusion installed and functional.  The instructions on this page will install this version, 0.5.4, under openSUSE very easily.

Compiz Fusion, even the current developer versions, is much better than the older packages "Compiz" and/or "Beryl".

This page now includes my Compiz Fusion Shortcuts. 

This page now also includes information on running Compiz Fusion in the system tray area.  Read more...

This page is a work in progress and should be considered "incomplete".

Do not attempt to run Beryl until after you have installed the NVIDIA Linux Drivers.

For Compiz Fusion to work, you must also run all of the commands shown in the Extreme Functionality section of the NVIDIA Linux Drivers page.

Remove All Installed Compiz Software

Before each installation attempt you should always open your software manager and completely uninstall all Compiz and Emerald packages.  You should also uninstall the yast2-metapackage-handler package (if you have one) each time.

Compiz Fusion for openSUSE 10.3 Beta 2

Open this link (must be opened in the Konqueror web browser) as a normal user:

Enter your root password when asked and approve all keys (if any).

Wait patiently for the installation to finish.

More information...  openSUSE Factory / OpenComposting Forums

When you are done with this section, continue to the "First Run" section...

First Run

On the first run, execute these commands manually at a terminal as a normal user:

compiz --only-current-screen --replace ccp &
emerald --replace &
ccsm &

During the first run, in the CompizConfig Settings Manager (ccsm), change "Window Decoration -> Command" to your decorator (gtk-window-decorator --replace, kde-window-decorator --replace (x86 only) or emerald --replace).

Make sure you set this setting properly in CCSM..

I had to use the --only-current-screen because I am using two monitors.  You many not need to use this argument.  Compiz Fusion was very unstable when I was running it on both monitors.

Subsequent Runs

I created shortcuts/links for these commands to start Compiz Fusion:

compiz --only-current-screen --replace ccp &


fusion-icon --gtk &

WTF is fusion-icon?!?  Keep reading...  :)

Compiz Fusion Testing & Settings

Once Compiz Fusion is running, hold in Ctrl+Alt and left click the mouse and drag it a little.  If you see your desktop start to move or take the shape of a cube, Compiz Fusion is working!!!

To see all of the visual effects, you will need to set Compiz Fusion as your desktop manager and Emerald as your window decorator.

Open the Compiz Config Settings Manager to adjust all of the Compiz Fusion settings.  There are litterally TONS of settings here.  Take your time and experiment.

To set a backdrop like clouds behind the cube while you spin it...  open the "Desktop Cube" plugin and search foe the "Skydome" options.  Check the "Skydome" and "Animate Skydome" options, then browse to the image you want to use.

I am using Clouds.jpg currently, you can browse more here.

Also, make sure the cube is set to 50% (or lower) for the "transparency" adjustment.

Spend time reading the shortcuts mentioned on all of the "Shortcuts" tab...  these will show you all of the correct keyboard/mouse shortcuts for the different plugins.

My Config File

I do not recommend actually trying my config unless you have a backup of your config somewhere and know what you are doing.

This is provided purely for information (lol more like entertainment)...


Which is actually this file on my system:


Compiz Fusion Shortcuts

My Compiz Fusion Shortcuts (updated 8/25/07) ( compiz-fusion-shortcuts-sgt.tar.gz ) might make life simpler.

Download and extract to a location of your choice.

This archive includes shortcuts for starting Compiz Fusion (normally or in the system tray), the Compiz Fusion manager, the Emerald Theme Manager and shortcuts to switch between the Emerald and KDE decorations.  Shortcuts are included for Aquamarine and Gnome, but they don't work currently.

WTF?!? (keep reading)...

Compiz Fusion System Tray

WTF?!?!  Did you say you can now run Compiz Fusion in the system tray?!?

YES!!!  COMPIZ FUSION SYSTEM TRAY!!!  \o/  wewt/.y!

fusion-icon-0.0.1-20070717-sgt.tar.bz2 (runs with my default setting:  --only-current-screen)

fusion-icon-0.0.1-20070717-original.tar.bz2 (runs normally without:  --only-current-screen)

Pick one, download it, extract it, then at a terminal:

sudo make install

You will now have the new fusion-icon command and my Compiz Fusion (Tray) shortcut (above) will now work for you.

Note:  In Beta 2 64-bit, the fusion-icon command works (Compiz loads fine) but it doesn't display the tray icon.  Instead, I have to run this command:

fusion-icon --gtk

My Compiz Fusion Shortcuts ( compiz-fusion-shortcuts-sgt.tar.gz ) have been updated to fix this problem.

Screenshots & Videos

Here are some screenshots...

Newest:  [01][02][03][04][05]

Older:  [01] / [02] / [03] / [04]

And some videos...

[01] / [02]

More Help

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Here are the links to Compiz Fusion (the newest software), Compiz, and Beryl.  These links are provided for reference only...  you don't have to visit them right now, but you might want to bookmark them for future consumption.

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