KDE3 vs. KDE4

Note: This problem did not exist for me in Beta 2.  I am leaving this page available for reference only.

After installation I noticed some things that I normally run with kdesu looked very strange.


kdesu konqueror
kdesu konsole

Konquerer well..  wasn't Konqueror anymore.  It's some new KDE4 file browser called "Dolphin".

And konsole OMG I have no clue what the hell that actually was.

By uninstalling all of the KDE4 stuff (YaST Software Management), I was able to get my normal KDE3 applications operational again.

I don't know why the KDE4 versions of these apps only worked when I was running them with kdesu (root)...  I just know I wasn't real fond of either of them lol.