KDE/Gnome Login Screen

This page will help you change the wallpaper that is seen when logging in to KDE/Gnome (or any other desktop/window manager).

Copy Wallpaper Files (Terminal)

Copy any/all JPG images you might want to use like this:

cd /home/sgt-d/wallpapers
# or wherever your images are located
cp file1.jpg /opt/kde3/share/apps/kdm/themes/SUSE
cp file2.jpg /opt/kde3/share/apps/kdm/themes/SUSE

Copy Wallpaper Files (Root Konqueror)

Make a Desktop "shortcut to application" with this command:

kdesu konqueror

Rename this shortcut to Konqueror (Root).

Double click your Konqueror (Root) shortcut, login, and browse to this directory:


Copy any/all JPG images you might want to use into this directory.

Image Change Method #1

kate /opt/kde3/share/apps/kdm/themes/SUSE/suse.xml

On the 6th line you should see this, or similar:

<normal file="Background.jpeg" alpha="1"/>

Change the Background.jpeg portion to the exact name of the wallpaper you want to use.  I'm not sure about spaces in the file name, meh.

You can also change the locations of the login boxes - be careful, make backups.

Save, then exit Kate.

Image Change Method #2

In the /opt/kde3/share/apps/kdm/themes/SUSE/ folder, rename Background.jpeg to something else.

Move any JPG file in to this folder and rename it to Background.jpeg.

User Name Background Color

The background color of the user name field might need to be changed.

kate /opt/kde3/share/apps/kdm/themes/SUSE/color.kcsrc

Find this line and adjust the RGB settings manually:



No need to reboot, just exist all running apps and then hit Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to check the login screen.