VLC Media Player

I was able to install VLC Media Player (for the first time ever) from the Packman 10.3 software repository.

You can add this repo in a terminal:

zypper sa http://packman.unixheads.com/suse/10.3/ "Packman 10.3"

Now open the YaST Software Manager and search for VLC.

Grr...  VLC Won't Run!!!

This is evidently a GTK app and (similar to BitPim) it will not run without a little help.

Change your shortcut to this:

export G_SLICE=always-malloc && wxvlc

While this does help and gets VLC to run correctly, you won't be able to right click media clips and have them open with VLC because the right click menu isn't setting the same environment variable.

To fix this problem:

KDE Control Center -> KDE Components -> File Associations -> Video -> MPEG

Select VLC media player in the list and click the "Edit" button.

Application Tab

Name:  VLC Media Player
Command:  export G_SLICE=always-malloc && wxvlc

General Tab

Only do this if your right click -> open with VLC icon is missing.

Use the "Edit" button again and on the General tab, click the icon button on the left.

Change the view to "Other Icons". then click on the VLC icon in the list.

I was unable to get VLC to open DVD's, but I just got it working, so give me time to play with it.

Click here to view a screenshot.