Other Installation Problems

So far I have not had many major problems at all in openSUSE 10.3 Final, RC1 or Beta 3.

9/11/07 - KMail Problems

Bug 309404 - kmail crashes constantly in beta 3

Bug 307040 - kmail not closing open pop3 connections

KMail in Beta 3 has major problems thanks to a borked version of kdepim3.

This is the version of kdepim3 that came with 10.3 Beta 3:


I updated kdepim3 (and others) from the software repositories:


Now KMail runs perfectly!

9/11/07 - HAL Errors (USB Device Problem)

Bug 309001 - hal-storage-mount-removable no <-- (action, result)

If you get HAL errors when you connect and try to access a USB device, follow these instructions for an actual fix:

kate /etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf

change this:

<config version="0.1">

to this:

<config version="0.1">
  <match user="userid">
    <return result="yes"/>


Other Items...

This is the remainder of my "problems" list...  only one minor problem remains:  K3B Monkey's Audio Plugin.

K3B Monkey's Audio Plugin would not install (K3B Codecs works now though!).  I'm not even sure that this plugin matters in the least.

Armagetron...  WORKS!!!  See the new Armagetron Advanced page for more information!

KSensors...  WORKS!!!  I forgot to mention this one earlier.  I couldn't install this from the source tarball, but I was able to install it via the Packman 10.2 software repository.

TrueCrypt...  WORKS!!!  Not only that, it works 100%!!! See the new TrueCrypt page for all of the gory details!