After installation, any attempt to launch Noatun will crash the artsd server (bug report).

Note:  Make sure you don't install kde4-noatun, or make sure it is uninstalled.

UPDATE 10/6/07

Noatun now works without kdemultimedia3-devel as mentioned below.  I just works!

Here is my OLD workarounds...


Installing kdemultimedia3-devel fixes this problem!!!


...  you do not need to do any of this shit if you installed kdemultimedia3-devel.

cd /opt/kde3/lib64/ <- for 64-bit
cd /opt/kde3/lib/ <- for 32-bit
ln -s
ln -s
ln -s

At this point, Noatun should work normally.

If Notarun does not run make sure you do not have kde4-noatun installed.