Quake III Arena

This page will might eventually include links to help you get Quake 3 setup correctly in linux.

Currently this page only deals with basic problems in Quake 3 and attempts to shed some light on how to get sound working 100% with Quake 3 at the same time as using voice communication programs such as TeamSpeak and Ventrilo.

Quake 3 Locks Up WTF!?!

Try this:

./quake3.x86 +set s_musicvolume -1

Quake 3 Crashes With Punk Buster Errors WTF!?!

Avoid PB enabled servers for now and try this:

./quake3.x86 +set s_musicvolume -1 +set pb_enable 0

Punk Buster

Good fucking luck.  Click here for a sample of the bullshit problems with PB (so far).

Quake 3 Sound Fixes

Some helpful fixes and workarounds for Quake 3...  AC'97, Sound Blaster Audigy, and adding commands that offer the ability to use TeamSpeak or Ventrilo while playing Q3.

Quake 3 Sound Fixes

Mixer Settings For Quake 3

Sound Mixer settings that will allow you to use TeamSpeak or Ventrilo (successfully) while playing Quake 3.

Mixer Settings For Quake 3

Voice Communications

Voice communications in Linux...

The easy way:  TeamSpeak

The hard way:  Ventrilo

Another way?  Skype


If you followed everything on this page (and the sub-pages like the sound fixes, mixer settings, TeamSpeak and Ventrilo pages), you should be able to play Quake 3 with TeamSpeak and Ventrilo.


sod|jawz and aN|Seawolf