This page will help you get Screenlets working, quickly and easily.

What are Screenlets?  Check out this screenshot.

Visit the Screenlets Website for more details.

Screenlets are small floating apps that run on your Desktop, similar to SuperKaramba themes.


Add the Packman 10.3 Repository, then install the "screenlets" package.

Packman 10.3


At the top of the new style openSUSE menu, click in the search area and type:  screenlets.

You should see a few items near the top of the menu, and you can drag those shortcuts to your Desktop.

Double click the Desktop shortcuts to make sure things are working.

Fixes & Shortcuts

Some Screenlets Work, Some Don't, WTF???

Shortcuts in '07?

For some reason, some of the Python scripts that come with the default installation of Screenlets are not packaged with the "executable" permission set.  Duh.

I have made an archive (with a readme) that includes fixed file permissions for the default Screenlets, plus it includes 6 new Screenlets.

In addition, this archive includes shortcuts for ALL of the packaged Screenlets.


Note:  in some cases, you will still have to chmod +x some of the PY files.  It's stupid, I know.

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