TrueCrypt 5.0a Released!

Download:  Local / Remote

TrueCrypt 5.0a is currently not available on any of the openSUSE repos, I was unable to use the semi-official "Suse" RPM from the TrueCrypt site and I wasn't able to build TrueCrypt 5.0a.  A pretty good start.

With some help from bitshuffler, I was able to edit a few files and after that I was able to build TrueCrypt on openSUSE 10.3 32-bit and 64-bit.

After doing this I created some patch files so others could easily patch the TrueCrypt 5.0a source and build it themselves in openSUSE.

Before you do anything else, you need to install fuse and libfuse2, wxGTK-devel and fuse-devel.

Download the source (above), then grab one of my patches below:

Patches:  32-bit / 64-bit

Extract the source, then copy the patch into your source folder, eg:  /home/sgt-d/downloads/truecrypt-5.0a-source

Open a terminal in your source folder (eg:  /home/sgt-d/downloads/truecrypt-5.0a-source) and run this command for 32-bit:

patch -p0 < truecrypt-5.0a-suse-10.3-32-bit.patch

Or run this command for 64-bit:

patch -p0 < truecrypt-5.0a-suse-10.3-64-bit.patch

You shouldn't see any errors (some warnings, but no errors).

Then build it with this command:


If you get errors, you may need to install developer packages, particularly the packages mentioned above.

Once building is done, copy the binary to /usr/bin:

su -c 'cp Main/truecrypt /usr/bin'

That's it.  TrueCrypt 5.0a should run normally, now with a GUI.



The remainder of this page is for the older version of TrueCrypt, 4.3a.

TrueCrypt 4.x...

Uninstall any versions you have, then use this file:  truecrypt-4.3a-source-code.tar.gz

In the Linux subfolder (after extraction), do this:


Everything should work fine after that!  

Wait, What is TrueCrypt?

More information:  TrueCrypt Website