Suse Repository

You can install this from your DVD.

The DVD is probably your best bet and this is the method I used in 10.3 Final.

Search for xfce in your software manager and install it.

If you can install it this way, ignore the rest of this page.

Graphical Installer

This is what I used in Alpha 5 and Beta 1:

xfce4-4.4.1-installer.run (local) / xfce4-4.4.1-installer.run (remote)

After downloading, open a terminal and type a few commands:

sh xfce4-4.4.1-installer.run

I was unable to install the first time because I tried adding in the enhancements and checked a few things...  but if you run it with the default settings it should install without any problems.

Source Code

I didn't attempt to build from source this time, but here it is if you want it.

xfce-4.4.1-src.tar.bz2 (local) / xfce-4.4.1-src.tar.bz2 (remote)