Yakuake and Tilda are drop down style command prompt / terminal applications that work similar to the command line using the tilde (~) key in some 3D shooter games such as Quake III.

They are pretty cool and work well even when Compiz Fusion is running.

What makes them really nice is that you can have a terminal on screen simply by pressing F1 or a hotkey of your choice.

Here are some screenshots:  [01] / [02]

I am actually running Tilda (F1) and Yakuake (F12) at the same time without any problems.

I like Tilda better in one respect, I can move the window to any location...   but Yakuake looks a lot nicer than Tilda.


yakuake-2.8-beta1.tar.bz2 (local) / yakuake-2.8-beta1.tar.bz2 (remote)

Extract & Install

Extract the files, then go in to the yakuake-2.8-beta1 folder and type:

./configure && make && sudo make install

Run It!

Command:  yakuake