YaST Problems

YaST "Size Exceeded" Errors

This problem does not affect 10.3 Final.

Sometimes in B3 you will notice that YaST complains that there is not enough room on the disk.  You can safely continue, despite the error, as long as you are sure there is enough room.

YaST "Media Exception" Errors

This problem does not affect 10.3 Final.

From time to time you might get an error when attempting to install software from some of your software repositories.  This doesn't normally affect your DVD, just the remote servers.

The error might look like this:

Download failed.
Media exception.

Wow, very helpful.

The only thing I have found that actually works is to delete the software repo, close the repo page, then re-add the software repo.

It's stupid, I know.

I strongly recommend that you install Yum and KYum from your DVD as this will provide a secondary method for installing software.  I actually used KYum and RPM to rebuild a corrupted YaST installation recently...  so get KYum working ASAP.

My bug reports on the YaST "Media Exception" problem:

yast2 - error - download failed - media exception
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